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Families' Secrets - Format

30 min episodes

Do you know your family?

We all have our own family but how well do we know its secrets?

Following on from the long-running smash hit Neighbours’ Secrets, Families’ Secrets is the new constructed reality show from TF1 which shines a light on a different family each episode.  As we follow the daily lives of the protagonists, we discover that appearances can be misleading as secrets are revealed and chilling discoveries made.

Forbidden love, money problems, inheritance disputes, divorce or jealousy are at the heart of the drama.  Traditional or blended, modern or large, the family is revealed in all its forms.

Families' Secrets combines beautifully written scripts and a glossy look with a unique but affordable production technique to bring first-rate entertainment to viewers.




TF1 (France)
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TF1 Production for TF1, France

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