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Time Commanders - Format

60 min

Time Commanders is the thrilling game show where ordinary members of the public go head-to-head with the greatest generals from history...

Using state-of-the-art gaming technology, each episode our contestants are transported back hundreds or thousands of years into the past to some of the most dramatic battles to ever take place.  It could be Ancient Rome with charging horsemen wielding spears, or the showdown of military giants at The Battle of Waterloo.

Our two teams of three friends or family take control of opposing forces, first competing against the computer before they face off against each other in one of history’s biggest battles.  As our players command thousands of characters in real time on the big screen, will they be able to change the course of history, and who will emerge victorious?

Packed full of takeout information, our Host and two Historical Experts will analyse the teams’ performances, give us fascinating insights into key artillery and tactics using actual replica weapons, and reveal how the battle really unfolded. 

Time Commanders – bringing history to life like never before.


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Lion Television for BBC Four, UK

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