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Spying On The Royals

2 x 1hr

The extent of the espionage operation against Kind Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

The greatest royal romance of the 20th century can now be seen through a unique new perspective: the secret files of those who spied on Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, the British King who abdicated the throne because of his love for the American divorcee. In this world exclusive, we find out how the FBI bugged, tapped and tailed the British royal on the orders of the president himself. When the FBI’s chief questioned the order, Washington made clear in no uncertain TERMS who it was from, and that it could not be revoked…

As Britain’s former King and his wife arrived at an exclusive American resort, they thought they were enjoying an intimate break in complete privacy. In fact their every word was recorded, their room bugged with secret microphones, and their phone tapped. Secret intelligence files reveal for the first time how British and American intelligence came to see the ex-King as a major security threat, particularly because of his links with the Nazis .The fear of Wallis and the ex King’s allegiance was so great, that none other than the president of the United States himself ordered a full scale FBI surveillance operation on Wallis and the Duke of Windsor.

The compelling story reveals the secret files of those who spied on the couple and the eyewitnesses of the events still living today. Dramatic reconstructions bring these extraordinary events to life as they’ve never been seen before…

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Brave New Media for Channel 4, UK



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