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Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage

4 x 1 hr

Swan Films

The power of ritual

In this series, award-winning artist Grayson Perry creates rites of passage for real Britons to help them through the most significant milestones of contemporary life. Each of these rituals involves a ceremony that Grayson designs with the contributors, as well as ritual art objects that Grayson makes. Grayson believes that rites of passage – which we’ve either lost, or are now commercially-driven shells – are essential to our emotional health and happiness. In these compelling, moving and entertaining films, Grayson helps people get married, celebrate birth, come of age and prepare for death.


2019 BAFTA TV Awards - Specialist Factual
2019 Broadcasting Awards - Best Specialist Factual Programme
2019 Broadcasting Press Guild Awards - Best Single Documentary
2019 Televisual Bulldog Awards - Best Specialist Factual
2019 Music and Sound Awards - Best Original Composition in a Television Programme Score

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