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6 x 1 hr

To know the truth. Go Back.

Rellik is a crime thriller with an inbuilt structural conceit that turns the serial killer story on its head. Starting at the end, with a prime suspect caught, the series moves backwards in time through the string of gruesome murders, gradually unraveling the truth. We follow the enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic DCI Gabriel Markham a he is propelled into an obsessive hunt for a serial killer who left a mark on him both physically and mentally. As the clock ticks back, and his personal and professional lives unfurl, we explore the painful psychology of a man disfigured, while the shockwaves from the crime ripple out in reverse. As well as a thrilling chase to catch a brutal killer, Rellik explores the very nature of motivation as we delve deeper into the past to uncover what the events are that form a person into who they will become.


‘the clever reveals make almost every scene a lightbulb moment’ - The Times

‘it is an example of autumn TV at its delicious best - a juicy drama which will keep you glued to the sofa’ - The Mirror

‘full credit to the Williams chaps for putting a fresh spin on a familiar genre’ - Metro

‘it might just be genius’ - The Times

‘Rellik is told backwards – but it takes the genre forwards in leaps and bounds’ - Radio Times

‘infectious drama in reverse is a leap forward’ - The Telegraph

‘yet another gritty crime drama, only back to front’ - The Guardian

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Credit Line

A New Pictures and Two Brothers Pictures Production for BBC One, UK and Cinemax, USA in association with all3media international


Richard Dormer (Game Of Thrones)

Jodi Balfour (Bomb Girls)

Ray Stevenson (Black Sails)

Paterson Joseph (The Beach)

Michael Wildman (Extras)

Paul Rhys (Chaplin)

Lark Winther (Dicte )

Clare Holman (Blood Diamond)

Rosalind Eleazar (Harlots)


Creators: Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing, Liar)

Writers: Harry and Jack Williams, Marston Bloom (Episode 4)


Executive Producers: Willow Grylls (The Missing, The Take), Charles Pattinson (Indian Summers, Skins) and Elaine Pyke (The Take, The Runaway) of New Pictures, Harry & Jack Williams (Fleabag) of Two Brothers Pictures, Christopher Aird of the BBC and Sam Miller

Producer: Chris Clough (The Missing)


Sam Miller (Luther), Hans Herbots (Riviera)

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