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Tattoo Fixers Extreme (Tattoo Fixers Series 5)

15 x 1 hour

Fixing the sins of the skin

Four talented tattoo artists transform extreme inking disasters into walking works of art as clients with regrettable tattoos visit their pop-up parlour for a badly needed body art consultation.

Do you have a rude tattoo? A holiday mistake? Or the dreaded name of an ex-partner? Then you’ve come to the right place… Along with receptionist Paisley, the resident tattoo artists (Sketch, Alice plus newcomers Pash and Uzzi) listen to the stories behind the UK’s most shocking tattoos before transforming them into brand new tatts.

Each artist designs a unique cover-up tattoo, before the client picks which designer they trust to do the job. After a few hours in the chair – and a few tears – voila!

Packed with hilarious reveals and incredible cover-ups, the show – now in its fifth series – has been a central part of E4’s schedule since its launch in 2015.

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