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Selfie - Format

30 min episodes

Believe in yourselfie

‘Picture a game show where 2 teams go head to head using their ingenuity and creativity to solve trivia questions, just by taking a photo. One member of each team is sent out, armed with only a smart phone. Within seconds they are texted a question, such as ‘What was the colour of the Beatle’s submarine?’ First they’ve got to work out the answer and if they don’t know, they can ask a passer-by. But they better be quick as time is ticking away.

Now they must take a selfie which will help their team back at base guess the answer. The street player may dash to a grocery shop and take a selfie while holding a bunch of bananas. But will this be enough for their team to realise the answer is yellow? Every incorrect guess the team makes depletes the prize fund.

The team that does best over 3 rounds goes through to the final ‘scavenger hunt’ round and a chance to win more cash. They’ll do great- as long as they believe in their selfie!

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CreateIt Studio for Channel 20, Israel

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