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An Immigrant's Guide To... - Format

30 min episodes

Make immigrants 'mates' again

Your country is weird!  You may not realise it but seen through the eyes of some your newest inhabitants our customs, culture and traditions can seem downright strange!

In An Immigrant’s Guide to… a well-known foreign born comedian leads a cast of fellow comedians and members of the public as they investigate a culture they know little or nothing about, often with hilarious results!

Using a mix of scripted sketches, fun reports and hidden camera stunts, each episode takes a sideways look at how we live life, exploring national stereotypes, putting the local food to the test and getting answers to the burning questions that any new arrival should know.

A hilarious, fresh look at your country through the eyes of outsiders.



Channel 4


Best Comedy Format (Winner) - C21 Format Awards 2017

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Rumpus Media for Channel 4, UK

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