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Brokenwood Mysteries, The - Series 3

4 x 2 hr

Brokenwood: population 5,000 and declining

DSS Mike Shepherd and DC Kristin Simms return to uncover more macabre goings on in the quiet, little, murder-ridden town of Brokenwood. Mike and Kristin investigate murderous rivalries and lethal grudges. Beneath the town’s peaceful veneer are buried secrets, treacherous lies and murders.



Detective Fest 2017 - Best TV Series (nomination)
New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2017 - Best Mini-Series (nomination)
Seoul Drama Awards 2017 - Best TV Movie (nominated)

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Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for Prime, New Zealand


Neill Rea (Go Girls), Fern Sutherland (The Almighty Johnsons



Tim Balme (The Almighty Johnsons)


Executive Producer: Kelly Martin

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