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Britain's Weirdest Council Houses

1 x 1 hr

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle… but they didn’t say he necessarily had to own it. Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses meets the tenants who have gone the extra mile to turn their authority lodgings into unique homes; from the painter-decorator who has transformed his Brighton terrace into a replica of the Sistine Chapel, to the pensioner who has spent decades painstakingly recreating the interior of a merchant navy ship in his flat on the 11th floor of a tower block in Portsmouth.

Flipping the negative notion of the dingy council house on its head, this programme is a celebration of eccentric British taste and the great lengths that some proud council tenants go to to break out of the mould and make a mark on the place where they live.

Behind their unusual design choices, each tenant has a surprising story to tell about how they came to live in their council homes and what drove them to create their fantasy worlds.

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for Channel 4, UK

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