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Kick Ass Kung Fu - Format

1hr episodes

Kick Ass Kung Fu is a bold format that takes a controversial approach to combating the rise in "hoodie culture" and anti-social behaviour.

In Kick Ass Kung Fu, the ancient discipline of Kung Fu meets the hard core street culture, as a martial arts master mentors a group of young men and women from challenging backgrounds in a bid to teach them self-control, respect and restraint and help present an alternative life far removed from violence, crime, drugs and underachievement.

The participants will endure gruelling twelve-hour days, basic living conditions and physical endurance training that will test their resolve to the limit.  They may be able to perform jaw-dropping feats and gravity-defying stunts if they make it to the end, but will they be able to make some figurative leaps in their lives by returning to college or getting a job?  And will they heed Matthew's advice and use their new-found power and restraint for the greater good?


Sky One

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Optomen for Sky One, UK

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