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Food Court Wars - Format

60 mins episodes

All across the globe, the food court is the beating heart of every busy shopping centre.  It’s where you’ll find the delicious treats and tempting meals that draw crowds of hungry diners every day. 

Food Court Wars pits two teams of aspiring and passionate food entrepreneur’s against one another, as they battle to win the ultimate prize - their own restaurant, in a prime location, rent free for a year.

Each week the contestants battle it out in a different city where a mall wants to open a brand-new ‘local’ eatery, offering fresh, regionally inspired meals.

The stakes are high as teams must test their concept, market their brand and run their outlet for a full day of feeding hungry shoppers.  The team whose restaurant makes the most profit will win their very own space in the food court. The losing team must vacate the premises.

This high pressure competition will put amateur cooks to the ultimate test and leave viewers glued to their seats to see who will win over crowds and secure the keys to their very own space in the food court.


Food Network

Credit Line

One Potato Two Potato for Food Network

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