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What Would Be Your Miracle? - Format

30 mins episodes

What Would Be Your Miracle is a transformational documentary series that follows the emotional journeys of people who are having their vision, hearing or mobility restored in pioneering operations. In each heart-warming episode we’ll witness an extraordinary modern miracle played out before our eyes.

Each episode will focus on two different medical miracles – restoring sight, restoring hearing or restoring mobility.  The patients, young and old, may have been in an accident, have a degenerative condition, or have suffered with their condition their entire lives. We’ll be there to witness the moments in which each of them has their burden lifted, witness their efforts at rehabilitation and observe each personal miracle as lives are transformed.

Whether it takes weeks of therapy or a switch-on moment, we will watch lives transformed before our eyes. Each story builds to an incredibly moving reveal with the emotional power that only real-life stories of ordinary people experiencing extraordinary things can deliver.



Credit Line

Optomen for ITV1, UK

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