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The Store Detectives

6 x 1hr

Shoplifters will nab just about anything: clothes and bags, meat and cheese, cigarettes and booze, jewellery and makeup. You name it, they’ll steal it. This series follows our Store Detectives as they reveal the secrets of the shoplifters and then go on to fix vulnerable shops, making them over so that they can beat even the most devious and inventive of shoplifters.

In this brand new series, two sides of the law unite to help small shops thwart the ever increasing problem of shoplifters. A serving police officer and an undercover former shoplifter present a conveyor belt of eye-popping footage, jaw-dropping testimony and fascinating crime-busting technical wizardry.

In each episode, our Store Detectives help independent shops get the upper hand on the thieves and reveal their tricks of the trade: how they spot potential shoplifters, how they thwart them and how they trap them.

Armed with this information, our Store Detectives put in place the measures that beat the shoplifters – everything from high-spec CCTV, state-of-the-art tags, and early-warning communications with neighbouring shops, to booby trapped stock and tracing devices.

We hear tales from Store Detectives, ex-shoplifters and members of the public about audacious retail crimes thwarted and solved – and those that got away.

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Optomen for Channel 5, UK

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