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Hotel Celeb - Format

1hr episodes

Take a real hotel. Staff it with celebrities and challenge them to run the whole business with a team of unemployed men and women. Send in a series of nightmare VIP guests and troublesome viewers, designed to push the staff to its limits and you’ve got a recipe for big, bold, multi-layered fun, seamlessly interactive and hugely entertaining.

A team of celebrities including a chef, world-class entertainers, a retail expert and a master cleaner are brought together under the hotel roof, tasked the to motive their reluctant staff in an effort to run the business with the highest level of service possible. Each day Hotel Celeb opens its doors to VIP guests and viewers in need of a nice, clean room, a hearty lunch and dinner, and a night of entertainment. Not all will have entirely reasonable demands, but the customer is king here and if the service does not meet their standard, they can refuse to pay. With all takings going straight to charity, there is a great incentive to do a good job.

The stakes are raised higher still as the celebrity managers in each area of the business, from the restaurant to the gym, from front desk hospitality to the beauty salon, are all pitted against one another. Who can motivate their team to the highest degree and earn the most money for charity?

Hotel Celeb is a force of positivity in a hotel of chaos, energising and galvanising its unemployed staff to get them back to work. With trashed hotel rooms, heckled entertainers and dinners sent back to the kitchen in disgust, the experts and their staff will have their work cut out for them if they want their guests to check out as truly satisfied, fully paying customers. 



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Optomen for Channel 4, UK

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