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Hotel Hell - Format

60 min episodes

Turning around troubled establishments 

Dirty bedrooms, mould-ridden bathrooms, incompetent staff, poor customer service. One expert hotelier has them all in their sights and is ready to pull the trigger. But first, they’ll have to spend the night…

Our expert hotelier is travelling the country on a tour of the worst hotels in the land. These are the kind of places you would rather not spend the night, where you’d avoid taking a shower, where you’d sooner skip the breakfast, somewhere you should really drive right past.  

Having spent their career in the perfectionist world of hotels, our expert knows a thing or two about customer satisfaction and they have a lot of wisdom to impart on these hopeless hotels. It’s all about surpassing their guest’s expectations. In order to get to grips with the problems, our valiant expert will endure a (sleepless) night in the ghastly hotels they find, sampling the below-par services on offer. Then, it’s time for a few home truths as our expert unleashes their most opinionated opinions about these failing establishments and lay out the new order.

Can our expert turn these hells away from home around and bring them up to standard? With reputations on the line, one thing is for sure: if the owners don’t play by the experts rules, they will never check out of hotel hell.



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One Potato Two Potato for Channel 4 UK

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