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Ramsay's Best Restaurant

11 x 1 hr

Gordon Ramsay is about to travel the length and the breadth of the UK in search of brilliant restaurants that deliver gastronomic perfection. He’s looking for a shining culinary star who deserves to win the title of Ramsay’s Best Restaurant.

This series is not simply a search for professional excellence, it’s a deeply personal journey for Gordon – every step along the way he’ll be meeting people who, just like him, have an enormous and unyielding passion for cooking. It will bring home to Gordon what’s really great about Britain, its culinary traditions and the multitude of cuisines it embraces. 

Gordon and his team will plough through thousands of nominations from the restaurant-going public, scrutinising well loved restaurants in exacting detail. Each of the eight heats will focus on a different type of cuisine including Italian, French and British categories. Will a brilliant small local restaurant kick the big boy’s into touch? 

Credit Line

One Potato Two Potato for Channel 4, UK

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