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Gordon's Great Escape - Series 2

4 x 1 hr

For the second series, Gordon goes back on the road doing what he loves most: searching out the best food in the world and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. This time he’s not just taking on one country, his appetite for adventure will take him through four of South East Asia’s most exciting culinary destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

South East Asia is a region obsessed with food and its people are almost always found eating, cooking or discussing fresh food. Gordon loves Thai and Vietnamese food and he’s heard great things about Cambodian and Malaysian cooking so he’s eager to immerse himself in local culinary traditions. As he explores the different regions, Gordon will be inspired to cook and eat things he’s never come across before. And there's plenty to be inspired by: no other corner of the world boasts such an enormous diversity of cuisine and culture. 

We’ll see Gordon speeding through breath-taking gorges on wooden fishing boats, sleeping on the floor in Buddhist monasteries, struggling through the throng of the world’s busiest markets and waterways, and revitalising his passion for simple, honest cookery and unforgettable flavours. 

These are adventures that will change the way Gordon, and viewers, think about Indian and South East Asian food forever.

Credit Line

One Potato Two Potato for Channel 4, UK




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