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What To Eat Now Summer

6 X 1/2 hr

Informative, funny, and packed full of great recipes, What To Eat Now: Summer follows Valentine Warner as he leads us through the delights of summer food – one of the most exciting parts of the culinary year for the greedy food lover – and gives us the six month story of what we should be eating come the summer.

Each episode is packed full of delicious recipes and useful tips. Every week we learn six must-have summer recipes learning the perfect way to cook everything from broad beans to asparagus, cherries and apricots to trout and mullet: quick, easy, irresistible dishes that will fill our kitchens and homes with the glorious flavours and aromas of summer.

Val’s enthusiasm for seasonal eating is infectious and once you understand exactly how and why foods appear at certain times it’ll be hard to resist the urge to get up off the sofa and cook them for yourself.

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