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Food Poker - Format

1 hr episodes

An entertaining and content-rich recipe competition where culinary reputations are put on the line with every card.

Chefs are amongst the most competitive people you’ll ever meet. Combine their competitive spirit with one of the world’s most exciting card games and you get Food Poker. 

In each episode four great chefs play a game of cards with a difference. Every card in the deck features an ingredient, some are easy to cook with, others are difficult to combine with anything. Once they have a full hand of ingredients, it’s up to the chefs to present (or bluff) a dish they would create from their unique selection of ingredients. The audience then vote for their favourite and it’s over to the winning to chef to play their hand in the kitchen.

Food Poker gets exposes the cut throat competitive streak that every chef has, offering great recipes plus great entertainment as they battle it out at the poker table. 



Credit Line

Optomen for BBC TWO, UK

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