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Kitchen Criminals

22 x 1/2 hr

There are those who can cook and there are those who can barely boil an egg. Kitchen Criminals is about the people who can’t even boil water. These are the people that top chefs Angela Hartnett and John Burton Race are going to try and teach to cook like professionals. 

John and Angela compete to turn their group of kitchen no-hopers into chefs good enough to cook in their restaurants, taking the traditional kitchen career - from wide-eyed kitchen helper to trained chef in a restaurant kitchen - and hitting the fast forward button, speeding it up into a modern and absorbing food format full of entertainment and takeaway information for the viewers. 

The format plays out over four weeks. The first week will see Britain’s bad cooks audition to take part in the show. Evidence of the Kitchen Criminal's past crimes against food and testimony from their nominators (friends or family) will be combined with entertaining cooking challenges to create five entertaining half hours showcasing the very worst of the nation’s cooking. 

Weeks two and three will follow the people selected as the nation's very worst cooks as they try to become competent chefs. John and Angela will build up their skills and confidence through a series of challenges that will provide useful tips for viewers at home. Angela and John will eliminate one member of each team every day until they each have 5 left to go through to the climactic final week. 

The tense final week will see John and Angela choose a protégé each who will battle it out, serving up a starter, main and dessert. 

For the winning chef victory will taste sweeter than they ever imagined it could.

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