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Queen Of Shops - Format

1hr episodes


A retail guru sets out to keep a nation's small shopkeepers in business by sharing the tricks of the trade with failing boutiques. The expert helps small independent shop owners to reconnect with the vision and drive that first got them into business.

First off, they need to find out where the shopkeepers are going wrong, so they cast their steely gaze over everything from the feel of the carrier bags to the look of the staff.  They then deliver their verdict and, after a frank talk with the owners, set to work, revealing to the owner and staff why their poor choices are slowly ruining their business.  Having identified the problems, the specialist will start turning the shop around - stock, decor and layout will be revamped before a glamorous and memorable re-launch.  One month later, they pay a return visit to see whether they have stuck to her rules.  Will the place be buzzing with customers? Or flies?  Will the stock be flying off the shelves? Or the shelves falling off the walls?

This format is an emotional rollercoaster, as shopkeepers are shown how to survive in the most turbulent times.




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Optomen for BBC Two, UK

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