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Beat The Bailiff - Format

60 min eps

In debt? Welcome to the ultimate in shock therapy!

In BEAT THE BAILIFF, the financial makeover really hits home! Across the world millions of ordinary people are heading for the ultimate disaster – a dreaded knock on the door and the forceful, yet legal, removal of their treasured possessions to pay off their massive debts.

From the “professional couple” who have simply lived far beyond their means for too long to the secret betting problem that is about to change the world of a “comfortable” family of four – everyone is involved.

In BEAT THE BAILIFF, we rescue men and women who are weeks away from financial meltdown and get them to live the trauma of the bailiffs arrival. We simulate what could happen if our debtors do not change their ways. They watch as their homes are stripped bare of anything of value in a brutal wake-up call that shows them how serious things could get.

Then, with the help of our presenter and a team of financial experts, the lesson of how to resolve their financial problems and how to live within their means begins. And a change in lifestyle! Will they lose it all for real – or can they change their life in time to Beat The Bailiff?




Series 1 average Market Share 25%+. The show regularly won its time slot.

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Lion Television

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