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Great British Waste Menu - Format

Four celebrity chefs journey deep into the heart of the global waste problem, exploring how and why we throw away and reject such vast quantities of perfectly edible food and attempt to expose this nonsensical waste by using discarded produce to prepare a top-class, three-course banquet for a party of highly discerning VIPs.

Venturing out to the supermarkets, restaurants, farms, street markets and ordinary homes, the chefs will uncover just how much edible food is thrown away each and every day. On the way they’ll collect food that would otherwise be thrown on the rubbish pile and, from that, in just 48 hours they will attempt to produce a world-class meal for their judging panel.

The clock is ticking, the sell-by dates a nearing and the stakes are judges stomachs are rumbling. Who will create the best meal from discarded produce and, in turn, expose the serious waste problem facing us today?


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