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Take Your Chance - Format

30 min episodes

The game show with more answers than questions

Two teams, one host and multiple opportunities to win, as long as you’re prepared to Take Your Chance!

This exciting new game show starts with a showdown.  Two teams battle it out to gain control of the game and the 8 screens, by trying to select which is the best answer to questions such as ‘which of these music stars has sold the most records?

The team which performs the best goes on to answer 5 questions with multiple correct answers, such as ‘name Presidents of the United States’.  Their answers are placed on to each of the 8 screens. Every correct response keeps that screen in play for the next question, but a wrong answer or screen left blank means that screen is lost. Players must do everything they can to keep as many screens in play for as long as possible. If a team loses all the screens, the opposing team may take over the game and play the final!

The team that makes it to the final, face 8 multiple choice questions.  Each time they place the correct answer on a screen they add money to their prize pot. Will they take their chance to win big?

CLICK HERE To play the Take Your Chance demo game


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Effervescence for France 3

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