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Walk The Line - Format

1 hr episodes

Can you talk your way from A to B?

It sounds like the simplest challenge in the world: 2 teams have a day to walk between 2 well known landmarks.  The catch?  They have to travel in a straight line and that line may pass through any number of obstacles, from rivers and walls to houses and thorn bushes.

Walk the Line is not a race -it is not about finishing first.    The winning team is the one that walks the shortest distance, the one that strays the least from The Line.

The Line may be straight but it is not straight forward.  Every step of the way, tough decisions have to be made.  Will the teams keep their nerve, no matter what obstacle they find in their path- or will they chicken out and take the long route round, risking everything for the sake of a few extra steps?

The Line falls in a different dramatic location every week but will always test the ingenuity, powers of persuasion and bravery of our teams of adventurers.  They’ll have to try and get the people they meet along the way to help them on their journey.  Will the proud housewife let Team A tramp their muddy boots through her house and will the grumpy groundsman let Team B pass through his private golf course?

Failure is taking the long route round- to win they have to Walk The Line!

Credit Line

Studio Lambert

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