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Westside - Series 2

10 x 1 hr

Released from prison after copping a 12 month stretch for her wayward son, Wolf, Rita West emerges anew and is reunited with Ted, her partner in love, life and crime. 

Times they are a-changing. There’s a new world order and Ted doesn’t like it one bit. In fact, things are so much turned on their head, that the West’s even join forces with the police to fend off rival gangs. Although that doesn’t last for long, and they’re soon back to butting heads with the brass, ransacking the policeman’s social club. With a Royal wedding, a funeral, extra-marital affairs and a family feud, things are really topsy-turvy down under Westside.

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Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV3, New Zealand


Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune, White Lies, The Blue Rose), David de Lautour (The Kick, NCIS, Once Upon a Time), Reef Ireland, Dan Musgrove (Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud, Go Girls), Esther Stephens (When We Go to War, Go Girls), Will Hall (Nothing Trivial), Todd Emerson (Spies & Lies, Amazing Extraordinary Friends), Pana Hema-Taylor (The Brokenwood Mysteries), Xavier Horan, Sophie Hambleton


Executive Producer: Kelly Martin

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