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I Want My Mummy - Format

30 min eps

What happens when mum goes on strike?

Two ‘could do better’ ''Dads'' are left at home to look after the kids – and also take them on an activity weekend to face a range of challenges. Meanwhile, the ''Mums'' are being pampered at the health spa where they are watching everything via CCTV! This show looks at the positive side of parenting... Dad gets to see, and enjoy, what life with the kids is really like, and everyone agrees that whilst it's not an easy task, it can certainly be rewarding! A family counsellor decides which Dad has made the most progress and gets to go on a holiday...


ITV1 (UK) SkyVivo (Italy) RTL (Germany)
Prima TV (Romania) CTC (Russia) TV JOJ (Slovakia)
SBS (Belgium - Flemish speaking) Fox (Serbia) TV Ukraine (Ukraine)


Up to 20% market share, Series 2 launched on ITV, UK 8th May 2006. Launched in Romania Summer 2007, consistantly beat the channel's primetime average share, peaking at 13.5%. Launched in Serbia in Oct 2009.

Credit Line

Lion Television for ITV, UK

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