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Old School - Format

1 hr episodes

Old School is an exciting and potentially revolutionary televisual experiment which brings together two of societies most marginalised groups - teenagers and the elderly.

In this ambitious and ground breaking project, a struggling secondary school opens its doors to a group of lonely pensioners in a bid to transform the lives of both groups.

Each Pensioner is paired with a troubled student who they will mentor in and outside of the classroom.  Whether by trying to boost the confidence of a chronically shy 11 year-old,  helping a rebellious pupil on the brink expulsion make better choices or just being a supportive presence in the lives of their young friends, the old folk will come to feel loved and valued.

The hope is that by the end of this transformative and life-enhancing experiment; the academic success for the whole school is boosted, the health of the elderly will have improved and loneliness will be banished forever.

This heart-warming and uplifting format is about two generations who have more in common than they think and might just change everything we thought we knew about the young and old.

Welcome to Old School.

Credit Line

Maverick for BBC Two, UK

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