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Driven To Love - FORMAT

30 min eps

A ticket to paradise or a kick to the curb?

Driven to Love is a fun, new dating series where a person looking for love (the “love seeker”) heads off to the airport for a romantic weekend getaway.  

On the way are a number of eligible suitors waiting on the street with their bags packed – hoping they’ll get invited into the taxi! In order to stay in the game, they will need to prove themselves to our “love seeker” en route to the airport.  

They’ll have to answer personal questions and endure challenges to see if they are a good match.  If they fail to impress the seeker, they’ll be left on the curb.  But if they prove their worth and make a connection, they may win that extra plane ticket to paradise.  

 When the taxi finally pulls into the airport, the love seeker will have to make the biggest decision of all – who will get to join her on the romantic getaway?

Credit Line

ZigZag Productions and Matar Productions for WE TV, USA

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