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Lawyers And Detectives

60 min eps

Fighting for justice where others have failed


A desperate daughter fearing that her mother has been abducted - but the police don’t believe her.


A defenceless housewife who can’t protect herself from her violent husband - but there’s nobody to help.


A young girl drugged and abused - and is being bullied at school because of it.


Lawyers and Detectives is the latest constructed reality format from the creators of the genre, Filmpool, where high tension drama meets authentic scripts and amateur actors.


Action centres around attorney and law professor Dr Willi Vorbeck, who is tired of the pencil-pushing life and ready to solve real cases again. After putting together a team of his most qualified former lecturer colleague, his best former student and experienced private investigators, Dr Willi's mission is to fight for justice - always finding a way to overcome the bureaucratic legal system... even if he has to use a few tricks to do it. 


Watch as the team manoeuvre cases and fight for justice while the lives and well-being of the victims are at stake. 




RTL (Germany)
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Credit Line

Filmpool for RTL, Germany

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