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Marley's Ghosts - Series 1

3 x 30 mins

Marley Wise (Sarah Alexander) has a rare gift, one that comes with mixed blessings. Marley can talk to the dead, which sadly now includes both her husband Adam (John Hannah), her lover Michael (Nicholas Burns), as well as the local vicar (Jo Joyner). Awkward. 

With this gift comes a unique challenge. She must now learn to live with her dead husband, lover and the local Vicar all under the same roof. Marley doesn’t want to live with ghosts, and especially not two really annoying ones, husband Adam and lover Michael, who are constantly bickering over, and competing for her affections. The Vicar, a mediator of sorts makes a vain attempt to be Marley’s confidante and sanctuary, but is useless, calling on made up tales from St Peter at times of crisis, and getting stories by Joan Collins and the Bible mixed up. Marley’s on her own, even in this most claustrophobic of domestic situations.

So begins a bizarre living arrangement and a whole host of trials and tribulations as they come to terms with living under the same roof. 


"Marley's Ghosts became the second highest rated show on Gold across the whole year... 243% up on the average for its schedule slot." - British Comedy Guide

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Credit Line

John Stanley Productions for GOLD, UK


Sarah Alexander, John Hannah, Nicholas Burns and Jo Joyner


Written by Daniel Peacock


Executive Producers: Layla Smith and Simon Lupton
Producer: Katie Mavroleon 
Director: Ben Gosling Fuller

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