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Undercover Boss - Licensing

Undercover Boss follows high level corporate executives as they take the extraordinary step of going incognito in their own companies to ensure that they are fighting fit for the future. The bosses slip anonymously into the lowest level jobs within their companies, get their hands dirty with the rest of their workers, and find out how smoothly their companies really run.

In the Undercover Boss game, players take on the role of the boss of franchise chain “Café Star”. Going undercover in one of five locations – a Pizza Place, Coffee House, Noodle Restaurant, Ice-Cream Parlour, or Juice Bar – the player must identify the hardworking and lazy staff while baking muffins, blending fresh juices, scooping ice cream and making pizza.

Currently available on the following platforms, both of which have the option to be localised:

iOS app – in this game you are the boss of the franchise chain ‘Café Star’ and you will go undercover in one of five exciting locations. Your tasks include serving demanding customers quickly and accurately, and if you complete all 9 levels there’s the option to unlock a brand new location then in-app purchase 4 more locations. There will also be mini-games such as washing dishes, clearing tables and separating the recycling correctly where you can also earn bonus points.

Facebook - Undercover Boss Cafe is a time management game for the hit TV show. You are a waiter in a cafe where the boss has gone undercover. Serve your customers quickly and efficiently to get the most points and complete the game!

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