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Crocodile Shoes - Series 1

7 x 1 hour

Jimmy Nail stars as Jed, a factory worker whose dreams of Country music stardom take him on a journey of discovery halfway across the world in this gritty drama series. Inspired by the harsh realities of life in a dead-end job, Jed's songs lead him to London and a partnership with the street-wise Ade. With a new manager and a handful of great songs, Jed pulls himself up by his cowboy boots and the two unlikely heroes set out to conquer America. They encounter triumph and disaster along the way, together with danger, romance....and enough memories to last a lifetime. In Series two, the good life for the now successful Jed is not trouble free. First he's implicated in the suspicious death of Ade, then he discovers that his record earnings have evaporated. Further heartache unfolds when he's the victim of a police set-up and his sister is charged with murdering her violent husband. Filmed in location in England, New York and Nashville, Crocodile Shoes features several original songs, including the theme tune, written by the series' creator Jimmy Nail earning him triple platinum status in the UK.

Credit Line

Red Rooster Film and Television Ent for BBC1, UK


Jimmy Nail, James Wilby


Peter Richardson


Roger Bamford

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