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The Sticky Truth About Sugar

1 x 1 hr

The science behind sugar

Today, headlines are constantly warning of the dangers behind sugar consumption and the serious health risk that it bears.

But is sugar really not so sweet?

Journalist Fiona Phillips is on a mission to find out. With the help of four volunteers, Fiona discovers what sugar really does to our bodies and what the health benefits of cutting back are.

On her journey, Fiona finds out why reducing your sugar intake is trickier than it seems, the science behind sugar cravings, and why our supermarket favourites are brimming with added sugar.

Many of us need to cut back on our sugar intake to meet new recommended levels -including Fiona's volunteers, some by a whopping 80% - but is it possible?

Fascinating science meets human drama as The Sticky Truth About Sugar turns out to be more surprising than Fiona could ever have imagined. 

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Credit Line

Maverick Television for BBC One, UK


Fiona Phillips (Presenter)


Executive Producer: Ian Holt, Producer: Jeff Wilkinson

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