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Born Naughty? - Format

60 min eps

Are naughty kids spoilt or sick?

Meet the kids who won’t eat, won’t sleep and won’t behave… and the parents who take the wrap. 

Are some badly behaved children actually suffering from un-diagnosed behavioural disorders?

This eye-opening format helps struggling parents discover once and for all if their child is one of the 5% of young people between five and sixteen with a ‘conduct disorder’, or if their environment has simply lacked the necessary discipline.

It can take years for parents to get a definitive answer through the typical procedures, but Born Naughty? tackles the controversy head on - fast tracking the process to see if medical help is needed, or if the kids are out of control.

Either way, experts help lift the child and their parents out of destructive habits, with emotional and dramatic transformations.

Could tough love be the solution, or were these children Born Naughty?


Channel 4 UK


Launched on Channel 4, UK with a 42% increase on the slot average.

Credit Line

Originally produced by Maverick TV for Channel 4, UK

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