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Tattoo Fixers - Format

60 min episodes

Turning disaster-pieces to masterpieces

Tattoos are for life, although sometimes tattoo owners wish they weren't… But who can people turn to when their ink becomes the source of despair? 

Welcome to the Tattoo Fixers - here to fix the nation’s ‘sins of the skin’. It could be anything from rude tattoos, extreme holiday mistakes, once-hilarious-but-no-longer-funny jokes, or the dreaded names of ex-partners… The characters who enter the parlour reveal their often hilarious, risky or rude – yet always entertaining – stories behind the ink, before unveiling the dreaded mistake. 

Resident tattoo artists each dream up a unique cover-up design they want to ink onto the client, who then picks which designer they will trust to do the job. After a few hours in the chair – and a few tears – voila! Former sins of the skin turn into heavenly handiworks. See the transformations for yourself in the Tattoo Fixers.




TV Choice Awards 2016 - Best Lifestyle Show (nomination)
 National Television Awards 2017 - Best Factual Entertainment (Nomination) 

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Studio Lambert for E4, UK

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