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Word Up - Format

30 min eps

And the word of the week is...

Word Up is the fresh comedy quiz show where a simple word becomes the source of fun and games. 

Each episode is themed around a word such as, ‘love’, ‘money’, or ‘war’. Three comedians must recruit a partner to play on their team. They may choose a celebrity, an academic, an ordinary member of the public; whoever they believe will give them the winning edge with that episode’s theme. Our host then leads the three teams through a series of hilarious games and challenges based around the episode’s key word – if the word is ‘money’ one game might be to rank famous people in order of wealth; if the key word is ‘dairy’ the teams may have to milk a cow! 

Be it physical challenges, quick fire questions, word play or role play, plenty of laughs and fascinating trivia are guaranteed before the highest scoring team is declared the winner. What’s the word? Word Up!


TV One (NZ)

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV One, NZ

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