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Hollyoaks - Season 2014/2015 - Eps 4022 - 4281

260 x 1/2 hour

Winner of Best Soap at the British Soap Awards 2014!

Hollyoaks is the UK’s premier youth-orientated soap. With an iconic identity and loyal fanbase, it stands out among a strong tradition of British soap opera. Hollyoaks is a drama that constantly evolves, maintaining its relevance like no other soap. It is acutely aware of its audience, their age, concerns, interests and habits, achieving a uniquely personable relationship with them. As it enters its 17th year, Hollyoaks has proven to be a truly evergreen production and one with an exciting international future ahead of it.

Hollyoaks is a multiple award-winner. This year, the show was awarded Best Soap at the British Soap Awards, triumphing against stiff competition. In 2013, acknowledging the soap’s considered presentation of the themes with which it deals, it’s representation of young people and it’s high quality drama, Hollyoaks took home more statues than any other nominated programme at the All About Soap Bubble Awards, won big at the British Soap Awards, and was deservedly voted the number one soap by Digital Spy readers.

Its enduring and growing popularity are thanks to a consistent championing of fresh, young talent, its humour and its deft and sensitive handling of serious social issues. Never one to shy away from tough storylines, Hollyoaks takes its role as a youth soap very seriously, introducing teenage audiences to difficult topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug abuse and mental health, to name but a few. It is most notable for the responsible and appropriate approach it takes to such subject matter, facing the complexity of these issues head on, never condescending its young and inquisitive audience. The impact its storylines have on audiences can be just as moving and poignant.

They call it ‘the Hollyoaks effect’ – following a storyline that involved an attempted suicide, there was a marked rise in calls to Papyrus, a suicide prevention charity featured in the programme.  As a result of watching the recent domestic abuse storyline, numerous women contacted the production to tell how it had given them the strength to leave an abusive relationship. The programme is regularly praised by charity and support groups for its authenticity and stories such as the above are regular, reflective of its commendable attitude to such social issues.

It’s sexy, scandalous, star-making drama, having launched the careers of Barry Sloane who now plays Aiden Mathis in ABC’s Revenge, Nathalie Emmanuel who now plays Missandei in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Emmett J. Scanlan who played Simon Monroe in In the Flesh and has a part in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Youth is never wasted on Hollyoaks.


BAFTA TV Awards 2015 - Best Continuing Drama (Nomination)
British Soap Awards 2015 - Villain of the Year (Jeremy Sheffield)
British Soap Awards 2014 - Best Soap

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