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Great Culture Quiz - Formats

30 min eps

Let the battle of the Arts begin!

In this entertaining and witty quiz show, two teams of arts professionals, each representing a world famous arts institution such as a national theatre or art gallery, compete against each other to prove themselves to be the arts authority of the week.

Four compelling rounds test the team’s knowledge in very different ways, including a specialist round in which the teams answer
questions about their own areas of expertise. All forms of art are covered from all eras, from early cave paintings to the songs of Lady Gaga.

The team that wins the most points over the 4 rounds wins the game but it’s not just professional pride that is at stake! Each team
must bring along a relevant ‘prize’ for the opposition- such as tickets to a performance or an upcoming event and the losing team has the
dishonour of handing over the prize to their rivals.

The show delivers both competition and lively banter, offering the viewer at home fun play along and fascinating arts facts.

So, if you think you know your Doors from your Handel- this is the show for you!


Sky Arts (UK)

Credit Line

Originally produced by Maverick TV for Sky Arts, UK

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