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Westside - Series 1

6 x 1 hour

Head back to the days of disco where the infamous Ted and Rita West are starting out on their life of serious crime. 

With Ted recently released from jail, it’s business as usual for the Wests; cracking safes, planning heists and raising their wayward son, Wolf. The rich folklore of the West family is combined with real events from arguably the greatest era of economic and social change, exploring the fates and fortunes of a nation alongside Ted and Rita’s epic battles and ever tempestuous marriage. This where the Wests began to build their outrageous fortune. 

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV3, New Zealand


Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune, White Lies, The Blue Rose), David de Lautour (The Kick, NCIS, Once Upon a Time), Dan Musgrove (Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud, Go Girls), Esther Stephens (When We Go to War, Go Girls), Will Hall (Nothing Trivial), Todd Emerson (Spies & Lies, Amazing Extraordinary Friends), Pana Hema-Taylor (The Brokenwood Mysteries), Xavier Horan, Sophie Hambleton


Rachel Lang, James Griffin


Executive Producer: Kelly Martin; Producer: John Laing


Mark Beesley

Additional Credits

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