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Safe House - Format

60 min eps

Living with secrets

Safe House tells the story of a married couple: Robert, a former police detective and Katy, a school teacher, who have embarked on a new life running a police protection safe house in an idyllic part of the country. Their first guests are a family at great risk, pursued by a violent man with an unknown agenda. For Robert, protecting this family resurrects the fears and anxieties bound up in a terrifying night when he was ambushed and shot in the line of duty whilst protecting a star witness, leaving him seriously injured and the witness dead. As a consequence of running the safe house, Robert begins to question those events and the people around him, including his oldest and most trusted colleague, Mark, as it becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems and that everybody has something to hide… 

Safe House is a character-driven psychological thriller with a strong investigative narrative, inspired by true events and with the potential to return for further series.



Credit Line

Originally produced by Eleventh Hour Films for ITV, UK

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