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Travel Guides aka Trip Advisors - Series 1

4 x 1 hour

The 21st century has turned everybody with an internet connection into a critic.. with websites like TripAdvisor, even the holiday review has been democratised. But how can you trust the faceless review when one family’s idea of paradise is another’s idea of hell?

Travel Guides sees four very different families, groups or couples - from very different backgrounds and parts of the 
country - go on holiday. 

It could be a posh cruise in the Fjords of Norway, a downmarket resort in Kos or wet-and-windy camping in the Brecon Beacons - each family will experience exactly the same 
holiday from the flights, the location, the hotel, the meals, and activities - but they will have very different opinions reviews and reactions...

How will a 60+ husband and wife compare to a young gay couple? How about an activity-loving family to a pamper-loving single mum? 

The holiday-makers will never meet - but as each family, group or couple make their way to their destination and review their experiences, we see that one person’s paradise is another’s idea of hell...

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