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Step Dave - Series 2

13 x 1 hour

Raise a glass to Dave and Cara, celebrating their... err... eight month anniversary. 

This is now, officially, Dave's longest relationship ever. The two inter-generational lovebirds have proven to the doubters that they are made for one another, but there are a whole host of trials on the horizon. 

Disaster strikes at Cara's spa, destroying her business and potentially her friendship with Jen. Step Dave will have to step up to keep the unit strong, but he's ready for it. He's ready to be a man, to do what's necessary in order to provide for his step-brood. 

Things never run that smoothly in life and with divorces, new babies, friends lost and dreams realised, it's sure to be one hell of a ride. 


C21 Format Awards 2017 - Best Scripted Format (nomination)

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV2, New Zealand.


Jono Kenyon, Sia Trokenheim, Rawiri Jobe, Tania Nolan


Executive Producer: Kelly Martin

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