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Air Rescue - Series 1

6 x 1/2 hour

Help the wounded.
Find the lost.
Save lives.

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service has performed over 70,000 rescue missions since inception in 1973. It is the oldest civilian search and rescue helicopter service in Australia, covering 84% of the population in the summer months.

Air Rescue (series 1 and 2) is an observational documentary series following the high-stakes work of the rescue crews, the brave work that they do, and the life or death decisions they have to make on a daily basis. 

Fly with the pilots, aircrews and intensive care paramedics as they race to help Australians in crisis. Imbued with a cinematic style of storytelling, Air Rescue offers the real-life narrative of what happens when humanity collides with the beautiful, but harsh Australian landscape. Each episode sees the brave crews face off against natural adversaries: the environment, the weather, personal jeopardy and time-critical stakes. Life saving missions take the viewer from the edge of their seat at home to the bush canopy, from ocean waves to a critical highway disaster, from a remote farm to a jagged cliff-top. 

Capturing the action as it happens, stories are told through the eyes of a core cast of rescuers as they enter the lives of ordinary Australians in need: 

Fishermen in trouble on the rocks.

Teenage joyriders trapped in cars.

People stranded at sea.

The wrong place at the wrong time.

The stakes are high. Decisions are time-critical. What do you do next?

Credit Line

Fredbird Ent and Mediacom Australia, Channel 7, Australia


Executive Producer: Craig Graham, Series Producer: Sophie Johnston


Sally Aithen

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