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Algorithm - Format

60 min eps

Does your computer know your family better than you do?

The Algorithm is the ultimate game show when it comes to man versus machine. Playing for big money, teams of family members try to predict the preferences of a loved one who is in isolation, answering the questions for themselves. 

Using their combined knowledge, the family answer a series of increasingly difficult questions, such as who does Dad trust the least, lawyers, plumbers or mechanics?  Every time they match their loved one’s answer correctly they move up the money ladder, but get a question wrong and their fate lies in the hands of their formidable adversary- The Alogrithm.  And The Algorithm has an advantage; it has been pre-loaded with information on our player and the results from a national behavioural survey to help it make its predictions.

If they should guess incorrectly and The Algorithm has the right prediction, the family are out of the game - possibly losing all the money they have won so far.

So who will triumph, man or machine?


TV3 Ireland

Credit Line

Originally produced by 3 Studios International and Soshefeigh for TV3, Ireland

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