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Bad Robots - Format

30 or 60 min eps

Humans have relied on technology for years. From cash machines to phone chargers, we are utterly reliant on our electronic companions, but what happens when they've had enough of being taken for granted? Bad Robots happens. 

In this brand new oddball hidden camera show, technology is out to humiliate, aggravate and exasperate the unsuspecting public; from photo booths that mangle up your face for your passport photo, to a library search machine that announces you are searching for “PICTURES OF HORSES IN THONGS”. 

It’s not the robot uprising we expected, but what could be worse than getting spray-tanned bright orange hours before a big date? Keep one eye open for Bad Robots.




C21 Format Awards 2015 -  Best Comedy (Nomination)

Credit Line

Originally produced by Objective Productions for E4, UK

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