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Brokenwood Mysteries, The - Format

120 min eps

Just a quiet little murder ridden town.

On the face of it, Brokenwood is another quiet, country town like any other; the kind you might find just a few hours’ drive from any city. The people are nice and there’s a strong sense of community and provinciality. It has a golf club, a mother’s club and regular wine shows, everything you would expect… including buried secrets, treacherous lies and murder. 

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd and partner DC Kristin Simms watch over the town, investigating the mystifying, inventive and macabre crimes that befall it. Look beneath the peaceful veneer, and you’ll see that murder is curiously at home in Brokenwood.


Prime (NZ)


New York Festival's International Film & Television Awards 2015 - TV Drama
Bronze Award 

Credit Line

Originally Produced by South Pacific Pictures for Prime, New Zealand

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