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Weighing Up The Enemy - Series 1

4 x 1 hour

Renowned doctor Christian Jessen and journalist Anna Richardson are weighing up the cost of fat as they test a weight-loss theory that financially punishes dieters for failing to meet their targets. Only the dieters do not just lose their money - but are forced to give it to someone they truly hate... 

Each episode of Weighing Up the Enemy pits two overweight contributors against each other in a tough weight loss challenge. They may look similar in terms of weight, age and height, but when they meet face to face, they'll already know - and hate - each other. 

Over a 4 week challenge they must either hit their weight loss targets or lose cash to their nemesis. With the help of Dr Christian and Anna, the dieters will go through rigorous work outs and food programmes.

Progress is tracked via weigh-ins at the end of each episode, with penalties for the least successful dieter, but at the end of the four weeks who will be forced to hand over their cash?

Fat costs. Can you afford it?

Credit Line

Maverick TV for Channel 4, UK

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