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Red Rock - Series 1

80 x 1/2 hour

Dawn. The lights of Dublin city in the distance. In the outskirts of harbour town, Red Rock, tangled among the fisherman's nets, police discover a bloodied and lifeless body...

And with that, a long dormant feud between two local families is brutally reignited. 

In this continuing drama based around a busy police station, two families: the Hennesseys (a local dynasty whose name is above half of the businesses in town) and the Kielys (who have turned petty crime into a cottage industry), two warring worlds are about to collide. Charting the life and dramas of a provincial community, this is a contemporary Western of kin and honour. 

Credit Line

Element Pictures and Company Pictures for TV3, Ireland


Jane Mcgrath, Adam Weafer, David Glynn Crowley, Paul Roe


Executive Producers: Ed Guiney And John Yorke, Series Producers: Hugh Farley And Gareth Philips, Producers: Lauren Mackenzie And Trevor Colgan

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